Friday, October 29, 2010



What is that giant nugget of sugary goodness in izzy's hands? That right there is a GIANT GUMMY BEAR!
My pal Stephanie sent that to us all the way from Florida. I hear that alligators roam free down there. I hope she wasn't in any danger when she walked this bad boy into the post office. ;)

Even though the box was addressed to me, anyone that has a toddler knows that anything that comes into the house is theirs. 

"Hey Izzy! Look at what my friend sent me."


"No, mine."


"No. I wasn't correcting your grammar. I was saying it belongs to me."

"Mines!" followed by a head nod and eye contact to confirm.

::reluctantly hands over the barely sealed package to greedy toddler::


**hmmmm. i can't seem to free the sugar bomb from its casing.**

**how can i manipulate mommy into not only opening this but giving it to me before dinner....**

**i know!**

**ugly crying!**

Then daddy stepped in and proclaimed that the gummie was 'too cool to eat'.
I'm sure it will be nommed at some point. But i have since taped up the plastic casing and for now its fun to watch izzy trying to get into it. :)

Lastly, this was supposed to be a thank you video for Stephanie.
As you will see, we are still working on that whole manners thing. 

Thanks again Stephanie! You know how much i love unique stuff. After all, I'm friends with you. =P

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Who are your friends?

Tonight at dinner i asked izzy who her friends are at school. She replied, "miss sam (her teacher), buddy, chatnea, chandler" and a few other kids.

Then i asked her who her best friend was. She replies "chan chan, you (squeeee!) and daddy."

then i asked her who her bestest friend in the whooooole wide world is.

waaaaait for it....




::throws confetti into the air and claims my half of the BFF necklace::

i don't even care that my name was quickly followed by "daddy". that totally made my night. and besides, she said my name first. so i win. =P

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What toddlers wear in prison


She looks like she is ready for her stint in Baby Alcatraz. :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up 10/25

Phew! What a weekend.

all right, i am tired so i am not fooling with this uppercase/lowercase mess. i like typing in all lowercase, so that's what we are doing today.

i was so excited all last week. izzy would be taking her first art class with her buddy chloe.
art class had a rough start. we got there about 15 minutes late because i decided to take the highway instead the secondary roads.
then we pulled up to the rec center. oh no! parallel parking!!!! :( :(
I should have my husband write a guest post on the dangers of letting me parallel park a car.

i shimmy my way into a space, grab the kid out of her seat and off we go. Now....which entrance? Finally 20 minutes into class we get our smocks on and settle in for some finger painting.


izzy wasn't really into the finger painting. i think she was too excited by all the other children. these were all new faces and she want meet every one. Most of the painting you see there is from me. She's more of a crayons and markers type of kid anyway.

next up was glue sticks and tissue paper. izzy loooooved glue sticking.

I tried to help at first to show her what to do. she shoved away my hand and whined 'noooo mommy! i do it!'  i am pretty sure glue stick was her favorite activity. I might buy a gross and set her down with a ream of paper and let her throw down on some glue stickin'.

After glue sticks we moved on to something a little cleaner, markers.

Markers are always a hit with izzy. they are forbidden fruit and she practically drools when she sees any device that contains ink. i can almost see her rubbing her hands together thinking 'excellent. i will ruin the furniture with that.'

mr-burns-picture copy

Chloe and Izzy had a great time in art class and my friend Lindsay and I had a much needed gab-fest. Can't wait to do it again next week!

● ● 

After art class, it was time for naps. aaaah naps. you are my muse, my lover, my everything. I dread the day when izzy no longer needs naps. Shortly after we woke up, we headed out to my BFF's annual halloween bash. Steph is a country mouse turned city mouse but her family lives on a farm. Every year they hold a huge halloween party with a bonfire and hay rides. There is always really great food and even better desserts. And lets not forget Virginia's jell-o shots. It would be a halloween party without those.

Steph's daughter Maggie was the cutest octopus I've ever seen. Her grandma made her costume from scratch. All they had was a sketch to work from. How impressive is that?
I haven't had a chance to ask Steph if I could share Mag's cuteness with the world - so for now she gets a flower on her cute little face. But I just had to show everyone how happy C was to have a new(ish)born in his hands. The last time he saw Maggie, she was in the NICU all hooked up and he couldn't hold her. (So glad those days are behind us!)


Izzy also made a new friend June. June was so adorable in her little ladybug outfit.

They chased each other (and me) in circles for a good half hour. I was so worried that one of us (me) was going to get too dizzy and throw up.

This is my sad attempt to get a shot of the bonfire. Izzy was not too impressed with the bonfire. It was a little scary and to quote her 'it burn my eyessssss' even though she was standing about 50 feet away.

I think my favorite part of the evening was the hay ride. We sat back in the wagon and gazed up at the stars. At one point we thought we saw a shooting star. Turns out it was just a spotlight going across the cloudy sky. Oh well...we'll have to make a 'crap ton of money' some other way. (Yes, I specifically wished for a 'crap-ton of money'.)
Izzy entertained herself during the ride by plucking stars out of the sky and putting them in my pocket. She pulled one of the brightest down, put it in my pocket and said 'that for maggie. that her star.'
Gosh that kid just melts my heart sometimes. And after the hay ride was over, she actually remembered that she wanted to give Maggie her star. Unfortunately Maggie was sleeping so her mom had to hold onto it for her.
Have you hung up that star yet, Steph?

● ● 

Sunday was a day that I had been looking forward to for a while. Ikea day. We were getting storage for our bedroom and a kitchen table. We've lived in this house for nearly 4 years and we've never had a kitchen table. Now, we aren't total squatters. We had this bar/island/moving counter top thingy that we ate dinner at sometimes but mostly we sat where ever and izzy was in her high chair. We wanted to get back to family dinners now that izzy didn't really need to be in a high chair.

The day started out like this:

Isn't that cute? I was so excited. What I was feeling was very much akin to the first time I remember  walking into Toys R Us around Christmas time as a child. The world was bright and new. Nothing could go wrong. Even all the evils of the world turned into candy canes and gumdrops in those first few moments in the store.

Then the realization sets in that this adventure won't end as you had imagined. No, I would not be coming home with big boxes wrapped in brightly colored foil paper and garland. No, I would be coming home with a pissed off mom and a week with no TV.

Ikea? Pretty much the same thing. Except I was the pissed off mom and I was using the TV as a babysitter.

Also, I would like to point out how my friend Mark "likes" everything. No matter how happy or miserable I appear to be in my status, Mark "likes" it.

So anyway, Ikea ended pretty much the same way a trip to the toy store at Christmas with a six year old does. With a temper tantrum. Oh yes, there were tears. Many, many, tears.

But in the end, we are happy with the results from all the effort we had to put into our furniture.

This is what we are using for clothing storage in the bedroom. Our house is very small (less than 1,000sq ft) so naturally our bedrooms are small. A traditional dresser isn't really functional for us because its bulky without a lot of storage space.
I still need to get baskets for each cube ($$$$) but i think this will work well for us.

And this is the dining table that we bought. I need some cute place mats and a centerpiece for it.

The table has two leaves on either side. The main table top (the middle) lifts up and you can pull out each leaf. We still need to get chairs, that just wasn't in the budget at the moment. So for now we have two old chairs covered with black pillow cases to look like they sort of match and one new cheapy chair for izzy to sit in.

You'd think after all of that would have have ordered in for dinner. But that just seemed wrong to me after setting up this nice table. So we had our first official family meal. I made a frozen lasagna which amazingly and thankfully, izzy ate. But it was only after we promised to give her yogurt in exchange.


What do you think of this table situation, izzy?

IMG_4712b IMG_4714b

I think she likes it. :)

Friday, October 22, 2010


Last year I made this:


I was so impressed with myself (as I usually am =P ) that I thought I'd take another crack at it this year. I'm glad I decided to do another. Because moments after I set this one out on our sidewalk two days ago (its a foam pumpkin), Izzy, in her glorious rambunctious toddler way, tore a big chunk out of the side of her pumpkin headed likeness. *sigh*
I'm a little behind schedule but I'm making an Iz-O-Lantern this year anyway. I finally finished the template tonight.

I happened to snap this photo during one of our regular bath time scream fests a few months back.
God I dread bath time. I dread bath time almost as much as dinner time.

Anyway, this is the photo I worked from:

and this was also my inspiration, obviously:

and here is the template so far. I hope to do some carving tomorrow.

I'll update with the final product some time this weekend.



Thursday, October 21, 2010

Visiting Pop-pop (aka my dad) at work

My dad worked at General Motors for as long as i can remember. He didn't have the kind of job where you could go and visit him for lunch or pop into his office and surprise him. I vaguely remember two separate occasions that I actually got to go inside the plant. Once was during an open house. I want to say it was during Halloween - but i don't truly remember. What i do remember is that someone in the plant built this crane over this huge bucket of candy. From that point on i believed that my dad ate candy at work all the time and i was sooooooo jealous. And then my dad told me about how they ride bikes around the plant or use golf carts to get around the plant. That is when i got really jealous. I mean, who wouldn't want to do that for a job all the time? I want to roll around on a golf cart all day eating candy!
When the local plant closed last year, it put my dad out of a job and at a loss for what to do next. He was at that job for nearly 30 years. He decided to start his own business but for tax purposes won't actually open his business until the new year. So until then he is working at a golf range. I took izzy to see her pop-pop all dressed up in her Halloween costume since he would be out of town and wouldn't get to see her on Halloween. Since we can do that now. :)






I think my dad was pretty pleased with the surprise visit. :)


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

We like tiny hats


(i won't even lie. i totally cropped out the horrific mess in our bedroom. it's shameful. i need a backhoe, matches and a can of gasoline to resolve it.)

It wasn't like Rescue Me at all.

As far as domesticity goes, I'm pretty much a bust. My cleaning is so-so. Gardens pull up their roots and run away when they see me coming. And as far as cooking goes...well, the Food Network pays me to not watch their channel. Martha Stewart once sent me a cease and desist letter when I tried to make her meatloaf.

We have a new-ish alarm system at the house. In addition to decapitating intruders and shooting poisonous darts at dogs that crap on our lawn, it also has a smoke and heat sensor. I was attempting to make a proper meal (you know, instead of tots and nuggets) and smoke quickly filled the house.

Everything was fine at first, we opened the windows, waved around a dish towel (we don't have a kitchen fan) and then - then the alarm went off.

Getting to the alarm was like doing the final challenge in Double Dare. There is that moment of WTF where I have no clue what is happening. I just stand there dumbfounded waiting for someone to do something, make that terrible noise stop. Then I come back to reality and remember that the fire department fines people for false alarms! CRAP! And I go to run to the alarm and I slipped in some oil that had spattered on the floor, tripped over the dog and finally got to the alarm and could not remember my code! gah!

The alarm is off, the windows are open and dinner is moments from being served....and that's when I see the lights. Crap! Crap! Crap! Apparently our local department did not get the message that the Five Alarm fire was actually just a very well done pork chop. Before I remember that I am looking a hot mess in my sweats, ponytail and...oh bra, I am out on the sidewalk with buckets of apologies for inconveniencing them.

So the guy with all the radios comes in and checks things out. Then he says something in code over the radio that I can only assume translated to "Everything's fine. This jackass just doesn't know how to use a stove. She should also wear a bra at all times.". He takes my name and number and while I could hope that it's because he thought I was super cute, I'm pretty sure its so he could send us a fine. Boo.

Overall I was pleased with their response time – despite the lack of need for it. Good to know that if we ever have a real emergency, we’ll have a crew at our door in minutes. But I have to say I was a little bummed that Tommy Gavin and his crew didn't come stumbling off the rig. ;)

Tonight’s menu: Cereal.


Saturday, October 16, 2010


I usually don't go out on Friday nights. I'm super lame when it comes to going out. I am a homebody by nature but ever since Izzy came along, I'm not a fan of being out after 9pm. We get up super early for work around here (C gets up at 430 and I get up soon after around 5). But Izzy doesn't seem to understand that whole 'sleeping in on the weekends' thing. Sleeping in for Izzy means getting up by 545 every Saturday and Sunday. Now this wouldn't burn me up so bad if it wasn't for the fact that during the week I don't even wake her up until 6am. That's right, I have to wake her up - she'd keep sleeping. So why is it that my little darling insists on waking up at 545 on the weekends?

So, yeah, don't ask me to hang out on a Friday night...unless you want to play BINGO!

Oh yeah. This is totally my speed. :-p

Actually, I haven't played Bingo since 2003 when I went to Michigan to visit my college roommate Jenn. She insisted that we hop the border to Canada and go play bingo. We had an awesome time. Let me tell you those Canadian biddies are serious about their Bingo. Word to the wise: don't yell things like 'kingo!', 'dingo!', 'lingo!' or 'schmingo!'. They really don't appreciate it. And that's pretty much the story of how I lost the tip of my left ear.

My friend Steph over at A Grande Life planned a Bingo event to benefit the March of Dimes. Her son Ethan was a preemie due to Stephanie developing HELLP late in her pregnancy. Thanks to his awesome mom and the MoD, he is happy and healthy 2 year old today. Stephanie often speaks highly of the MoD and how much they helped her family. So despite my Friday-night-hatin' ways, I had to come out and support my friend and her cause.

I'm so glad I did. Besides having a lot of fun, I actually won something!
I never win prizes so I was stoked to win anything - let alone what seemed to be the biggest prize of the night. (If nothing else, it sure was the heaviest!)
The prize was a Longaberger serving tray filled with all sorts of goodies like Longaberger mugs and bowls, Vera Bradly place mats and napkins, gourmet coffees, Tastefully Simple muffin mix, and lots of other goodies.

Since I stayed to help Stephanie fold up some chairs, I didn't get home until a little after midnight. Saturdays are my day to get up with Izzy. I am sorta regretting hanging out to help clean up. haha
Iz was up by 545 as always.
Coffee was in order. STAT. So I decided to break out the new mugs.

Then we settled in on the couch with some slices of pumpkin bread and a few episodes of Sponge Bob.

I think I need five or six more cups of coffee before we get this day officially started.

Friday, October 15, 2010



Lately, I've been cleaning out the basement and taking stuff to goodwill. I recently found a bag of Beanie Babies (hey! they were worth money once upon a time). I gave them all to Izzy.
She likes to line them up on the hutch in the kitchen. When I asked her which one she liked best she held up the bear and replied "dont touch it! dont touch the bear. is my favorite.
All I can say is Izzy + Beanie Babies = BFFs FOREVER EVER EVER.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wordless Wednesday ~ In My Daughter's Eyes

Photograph by the amazingly talented Erin Farrell.
The Turnip Farmer | Designed by Momma Brown with art provided by Veronica from Scribbles in Ink.